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She Seeds The Sky With Sounds

by The Infinite Trip

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jürgen egyptien
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jürgen egyptien Fantastic psychedelic space rock on a high level without one boring second. It really blows your mind! Favorite track: She Seeds The Sky With Sounds.
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gladiatrix666 When trodden down by the materialist view which leaves no room for any hope or meaning, this music offers up evidence of a vaster reality, of true magic and transcendence and infinity. Favorite track: In My Red Hat Dream.


November 2019 and the 13th chapter of the Infinite Trip is written!
This is our thirteenth studio album and we're happy and proud to release it perfectly formed into the public ear. Hope you enjoy. A sense of darkness and mystery permeate the album and themes of timelessness, dreams, magic and the power of the feminine and of ancient goddesses shimmer like moonlight through the eight tracks.
1. When Ayesha Calls. A slow and brooding track, one of our personal favourites. A relentless guitar figure and echoing lead and keyboards create a suspenseful atmosphere. Who is Ayesha ("she who lives") and why are so many signs of ill omen associated with her presence? Or is it just fear of the feminine? This track was recorded so quickly and easily that we knew something out there was in full support. Ayesha we salute you!
2. She'll Be In the Temple Tonight. Dedicated to the Aztec Goddess who eats our sins and gives us a chance of redemption and renewal. But to earn that opportunity we have to acknowledge the truth about ourselves...and the truth can be painful, even fatal. Pete played the whole guitar track in an unfamiliar tuning without rehearsal or overdubs, and it's incredibly atmospheric. Pounding tribal drums add to the primitive feel. There is an unexpected faster coda with wild guitar. Don't know where that came from but it felt good so we kept it.
3. She Seeds the Sky With Sounds. Sheer poetry from Jules. "Her garb of fifty yards of reverb." A track that sparkles and flickers like starlight in the deep forest. Swooshing cymbals and poignant guitar make for a slow burn magical feel. The Moon Goddess calls us to surrender and we're more than happy to obey.
4. They Melted the Walls. No art in the world comes close to evoking both magical thought and the natural world better than cave art. This track pays tribute to our ancient ancestors and their artistic skills. Their hand prints on the surface of the rocks in the dark, inaccessible recesses of the earth are an intimate reminder of their transcendent talent, simultaneously timeless and incredibly intimate. This whole track is on one chord, with acoustic guitar, tabla, tamboura drones and backward organ slipping in and out to form an ever changing backdrop for the vocals and lead guitar.
5. Your Moonlight Torch. Three separate electronic drones with some ambient guitar weave in and out of one another behind an improvised vocal and fluid guitar. The moonlight torch is our magical instinct, sometimes transformative, sometimes misleading. In this case transformative as once again the fates were with us and the track came together very quickly. We are slowly changing the way we work in the studio, letting our intuition and improvisation freer rein and we're very happy with what's emerging. Hope you are too.j
6. In My Red Hat Dream. The red hats, the Nyingmapa, are the oldest school of Tibetan Buddhism. The poem is inspired by a dream Jules had where he was a temple oracle destroying bird headed demons and then regretting it. Just your average Tantric dream episode! Plaintive echoing flutes and Indian instruments create an aural setting of trippiness entirely appropriate for the spoken vocals.
7. House of the High. Imagine an old dark room in an old dark house near the ocean. The beam of a lighthouse plays across the fog smeared windows. Meditation brings strange visions, reminiscent of the creations of H.P. Lovecraft. Well, this is the soundtrack to that scene! Stuttering drums, spikey guitars and eerie swirling keyboards lend a sinister feel to this garage track.
8. It's Your Mind, Use It Wisely. A lighter note to finish the album. Two great guitar solos from Pete, some jazzy organ and the line "Who can imagine my interior bride? That jewelled songbird that rises up my spine." Our minds can bring us poetry, hope and empathy or they can bring us isolation, prejudice and resentment. Choose wisely!
We'll be back in the studio soon, on the infinite trip, following our musical visions and bringing them to you. Thank you for your support. Until next time....


released November 14, 2019


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The Infinite Trip Norwich, UK

The Infinite Trip is a UK based studio project comprising of two veteran musicians who both have many years of experience. We care passionately about our music which is completely original and all made in house. We hope therefore that you will join us on our Trip. ... more

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