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All Aboard The Mothership

by The Infinite Trip

Mind Eaters 07:34
Aghori 07:30


All Aboard The Mothership !

In the dying days of the extraordinary year 2016 The Infinite Trip release their new album All Aboard The Mothership. It's a spellbinding mix of psychedelia, electronic, prog and spacerock. And No, we don't want to leave the planet but the ongoing turbulence in the world around us makes us take the larger view...
So here's a track by track snapshot of the new album
1) We Burned Yesterday
The opening track of the album is the gateway to the journey ahead and a nod to the Spacerock conventions of weird noises, gutsy rhythm guitar and floating synth lines. Lyrically the song catalogues a number of apocalyptic disasters that have occured but asserts " that was yesterday and we burned yesterday". Time to move forward.
2) The Mothership
We spin around in an infinity of space but think too little of the biocraft that supports us. Life evolves and The Infinite Trip as a band and a project moves ever onwards, seeking new inspirations and aural soundscapes. Note however the tip of the hat reference to early Pink Floyd in the middle section of this track.
3) Children Of Infinity
We grow from children to adults but the human race is still in an infancy of awareness. Waking up is both joyous and painful and both the uplifting and lamenting are present in this song which opens with a majestic guitar riff. The track was recorded early on for the album and helped set the aural template.
4) Cinders Of Stars
Mellotrons, ringing guitars and a mournful vocal blend in an anthem to the vastness of space and time. This song hung around for a long time haunting us to record it.
5) Mind Eaters
Rythmically inspired by Krautrock this track harks back to vintage SciFi themes such as Mind Invaders, Body Snatchers and Day of the Triffids. It warns of the necessity of maintaining one's inner integrity against the inequitous power of negativity. What are You thinking ?
6) Tomorrow's World
Hang on ! Is that Leela from Futurama? The Future will be fun? It will be if it's as funky and spacy as this track,which deals with the cyclical nature of time and human activity.Tomorrow's World awaits and it's up to us to wake up to the possibilities.
7) The Illustrated Man
More classic SciFi! Inspired by Ray Bradbury's timeless tale this mystery soaked song tells the story of a modern day Frankenstein figure ruined by power and fame.
8) Clouds In My Head
Harking back slightly to our Freakbeat and Garage Rock roots this riff based song tries to break through the gloom and make something good happen. We have even included some backwards guitar for you psychedelic purists!
9) Enigma Vibration
Psychedelic Music, Spacerock, Stoner Rock, Prog Rock, Krautrock and similar movements in Art ,Film and Theatre. It's all about that air of wonder and mystery. The Enigma Vibration. Here a shady private eye guitar riff sidles along in the shadows spying on events as they unfold within the electronic tapestry of sound.
10) Aghori
Ooh !!! Dubby !!! The Aghori are those dreadlocked, permanently stoned and fearless devotees of Shiva that wander around India. Aghori means fearlessness. "Find the fascination.....lose the fear of it all." A New Year beckons with new adventures and new challenges and The Infinite Trip will continue to boldly go.......!!!!
Hope you will share our Journey.


released December 21, 2016


all rights reserved



The Infinite Trip Norwich, UK

The Infinite Trip is a UK based studio project comprising of two veteran musicians who both have many years of experience. We care passionately about our music which is completely original and all made in house. We hope therefore that you will join us on our Trip. ... more

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