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Brain Blossom

by The Infinite Trip

Who Is It ? 07:43
I Am Reborn 08:55
Oh Mother 07:58


Brain Blossom is the eighth official album from The Infinite Trip of which there have been six available for purchase and two free ones. We have spent many hours in the studio making and enjoying the eight tracks on this album which cover once again a diverse selection of psychedelia in our own inimitable style from two minds steeped in decades of listening to, and making, music that can take you on a subconcious trip to your own inner universe. You will undoubtedly hear some of the influences of the great bands of the past in places but the overall style that we have developed on these albums is now becoming a recognisable identity for this band of which we are very proud.We continue to push forward on each new album. Still drawing on the past, but also looking to the present and the future as we incorporate new ideas to push the boundaries. We are The Infinite Trip and the Trip goes on forever.
1) Freedom Above All
Soft padding drums, mysterious space noises, echoing ethnic chants, guitars that glide around each other like mythical creatures in an unknown ocean. So begins our new album. On this our eighth official studio offering, we wanted to honour our influences and yet not be defined by them.The creative spirit seeks expression. It only recognises boundaries in order to transcend them. It only recognizes structures in order to bend and mutate them. It only recognises the rules in order to question them. Artists must celebrate and honour this stance.
2) Seeds of Tomorrow
Inspired by an old Timothy Learys song of the same name that we wrote in the 1980's, this track celebrates the uncertain nature of the future and how things and people often change in ways we can't predict. Whatever our imagining of tomorrow may be, we can only see through the eyes of today. Our vision and knowledge are limited. Over the pounding drums and garage vocals please note the obligatory reverse guitar sequence, a must for psychedelic afficianados. The Seeds of Tomorrow have been sown.
3) Brain Blossom
Back to the theme of creativity. " Bring me a window and let the mind look out". The artist must perhaps always be the perennial outsider, seeing things differently to the herd. Fittingly, as a hymn to creativity, this track begins as ethereal lunar jazz, works space rock and finishes as a mind expanding guitar work out. Let the brain blossom!
4) Who is it?
At this point in the album we thought it was a good idea to mix more ethnic drums, native chants and wah wah guitar. We hope this is your kind of trip.In this song, the Dark Ganesh, a form of the elephant headed God of beginnings, represents all that is mysterious and as yet unknown. We don't know who's knocking on our door and what they want. We don't know what life will ask of us. Who is it?
5) I am Reborn
Continuing with the loose theme of this album, I am Reborn celebrates the embracing and transcending of former life structures. We are all reborn every second of the day, into new worlds, new ways of seeing. This can be both frightening and exhilarating. musically the Floyd influence is strong with this track and please note that all space noises were achieved by stroking, prodding scraping and hammering guitars.No synthesizers were employed in the making of this track and no guitars suffered as a consequence.
6) Quarters of the Moon
To live in a magical or pagan way is to live in the phases of the moon, in circular rather than linear time, in an ebb and flow of light, dark and energy. To live this way brings a "Strange kind of Happiness". With a heady mixture of tom toms, clean guitar, pitch shifted guitar and dark electronic sounds, we hope this track brings you a "Strange kind of Happiness" too.
7) Oh Mother
A dark atmospheric synth and a slow and heavy dub bassline set the tone for this sombre apology to our home planet. Our footsteps are heavy on the earth. we are ruining our mother world. We ignore nature's rules and yet demand more and more from our global environment. This is plainly insane. Oh Mother, save us from ourselves!
8) See Emily Fall Down
We dance with the past, with the people, places and situations that influence us. Sometimes we spin free of them, sometimes the dance resembles a binary star system, two bodies locked in orbit around each other. Emily is all of us, evolving, suffering and learning. The "Luna Baboona" section is a mutated children's skipping rhyme. Maybe. As a homage to Krautrock we wanted to use a Motorik beat which required us to use a different drum kit.To this we added our mix of garage vocals and guitar. The tortured keyboard was achieved by using an MS20 analog synth mutated with various guitar effects and a fuzzbox. The synth is currently recovering from shock but will be available for our next album.


released November 11, 2017


all rights reserved



The Infinite Trip Norwich, UK

The Infinite Trip is a UK based studio project comprising of two veteran musicians who both have many years of experience. We care passionately about our music which is completely original and all made in house. We hope therefore that you will join us on our Trip. ... more

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